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Hiring wedding decorators, caterers, photographers, videographers, choreographers, lehenga designers, and other vendors makes wedding planning a demanding task. The most crucial thing is to reserve the ideal location for your wedding. Scheduling the location alone is insufficient. The wedding site must be beautifully decorated with flowers, linens, candles, lights, and other accent pieces. Your wedding location needs to be decorated in every area, but notably the entryway. You can create a spectacular appearance for the location with tasteful and imaginative decoration.

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Indoor Decor

This is appropriate if your wedding is taking place indoors. The decorators will embellish the stage, mandap, and venue entrance in this. Centerpiece decorations are another task for certain decorators.

Outdoor Decor

The style and time of day will determine the decoration. We’ll make appropriate use of the linen and floral hues. The entrance, stage, mandap, as well as the table setting and centerpiece, will all be decorated.

Event concept and design, wedding flower decoration, venue entrance decoration, Shaadi mandapa decoration, reception stage decoration, table decoration, stage backdrop decoration, lighting decoration, linen & tent decoration, balloon decoration, and decorative arrangements are a few of the services provided by wedding decorators in the majority of Indian cities.

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    Considerations when hiring Planning Decor

    Planning Decors may charge a lot as the wedding day approaches, so reserve them at least 1 to 2 months in advance. It is advised to evaluate Planning Decors prices and request price lists from several Decorators. Then pick one that is within your budget for your big day.

    Talking points with the Planning Decor

    • It is good to enquire about the Planning Decor services your decorator offers. Also inquire about:
    • Reviews and experience
    • Ideas for wedding Decor
    • Rentals of furniture
    • Artificial flowers or fresh flowers
    • Current trends in decorating
    • Favored color palettes

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